In 2007, everything changed. After nearly a decade of producing breaking news, Kimberlee’s memoir was published, which helped her launch a new career as a writing teacher. At age 35, fearing she might not have children of her own, she welcomed the chance at being more maternal in the world.

Kimberlee created a safe and nurturing environment for her in-person and online writing workshops. Through various continuing education programs—Mediabistro, Gotham Writers' Workshop, UCLA Extension Writers' Program, The Open Center, and New York Writers Workshop—she helped adults find their voice and shift their narrative from victim to active protagonist. This work quickly developed into a thriving private practice, where she helped clients develop book proposals and manuscripts that eventually sold to prominent publishers.

Simultaneously, Kimberlee ran a SEL group called “Sister Circle” for Bank Street College of Education’s Liberty LEADS program, designed to empower underrepresented youth by helping them attain higher education and embrace leadership in their communities. Teaching girls to advocate for themselves and better their relationships with their families, teachers and peers proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

In 2013, Kimberlee became a mother. Needing an emotional break from the often heavy subjects of memoir writing, she began to help teenagers navigate the college application process through companies such as College Prep 360 and Brattlestreet Enterprises. Kimberlee loves working with teenagers. She uses her compassion and humor to get the best out of kids. As a result, she has helped a diverse range of students get into top schools: Duke, MIT, Harvard, The University of Michigan, The University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Georgetown. Kimberlee also works with younger kids, helping them to hone their writing and executive functioning skills.

Kimberlee lives in South Orange, NJ with her husband, two boys and standard poodle named Gracie.