“Kimmi is the writer whisperer. Since day one, I have left every class/meeting/conversation with her inspired, but more than that—I have concrete, workable ideas for what to do next. She doesn’t coddle—she’s unflinchingly honest—and so I trust her. But she also doesn’t try to shape everything to her own style. She is intuitive and perceptive, and she communicates with me to figure out what my priorities are. Then we talk about how I can do that better. I really can’t say enough glowing stuff about Kimmi. I think she’s brilliant and fun and kind, and working with her has made me a better writer.”
— Mary Adkins, JD and author of novel, When You Read This.

Happy Clients/Students


Kimberlee saved my book. That is no exaggeration, no stretch of words. She asked the hard questions; she pushed me to dig in places I had avoided; she straight-talked me about what worked and what didn't. And she did it all with love. Never once did I feel shamed or embarrassed or down. She had my back while she escorted me to my edge. Do not hesitate to enlist Kimberlee as an ally. She is a rare and gifted teacher. She will help you evolve your book, and in turn, you will evolve and learn about yourself--as a writer, as a human."

- Molly May, traveler, teacher and author of Map of Enough and Body Full of Stars.

Kimberlee’s instruction, guidance, cheerleading and friendship helped me figure out how to make my stories into a book. She calmed me down so many times and never lost faith in my project. I've never met anyone so giving in my life.

- Margot Leightman, storyteller and author of Gawky: Tales of an extra long gawky phase.

As a reader and teacher, Kimmi has the unique ability to be sharply critical and, at the same time, truly encouraging. She focuses on a writer's strengths as much as their foibles. She is insightful, rigorous and detail-oriented, and has a delicious sense of humor.

— Judy Battalion, PhD, author of White Walls: A Memoir About Motherhood, Daughterhood And The Mess In Between

Kimberlee is a fantastic writing coach who is helping me shape the trajectory of my new novel.  As a writer and book editor (who has used many other editors), I’m thrilled with Kimberlee’s approach.  She has an uncanny ability to zero in on the strengths and flaws in my storyline and character development and to create dramatic tension where the narrative falls flat.  She has inspired me to look at my writing process in a new way, for which I am incredibly thankful.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Nicole Bokat, PhD, editor and author of Redeeming Eve and What Matters Most.


Kimberlee is an intuitive genius who will help you nail the comedy of your memoir without losing touch with the deeper meaning.

— Ami Angelowicz, Vice President, Digital Content & Social Media at Discovery 

Kimmi is undoubtedly the best writing teacher I've ever had -- not to mention insightful, professional, generous, and funny.


Kimberlee has a real talent for breaking down text and diagnosing exactly what's working, what isn't, and what can be done to improve it. She possesses the intelligence and knowledge necessary to rescue a stuck writer and a heart and spirit generous enough to encourage a tentative one.


Kimberlee was my mentor and coach. She helped me find my voice, taught me how to tell stories that connected my mind with my heart, and pushed me beyond whatever I thought possible.

— Julie tarney, author of my son wears heels.