“Kimmi is the writer whisperer. Since day one, I have left every class/meeting/conversation with her inspired, but more than that—I have concrete, workable ideas for what to do next. She doesn't coddle—she's unflinchingly honest—and so I trust her. But she also doesn't try to shape everything to her own style. She is intuitive and perceptive, and she communicates with me to figure out what my priorities are. Then we talk about how I can do that better. I really can't say enough glowing stuff about Kimmi. I think she's brilliant and fun and kind, and working with her has made me a better writer." – Mary Adkins, JD, Blog Director of Life of the Law, and author of When You Read This.

"Kimberlee saved my book. That is no exaggeration, no stretch of words. She asked the hard questions; she pushed me to dig in places I had avoided; she straight-talked me about what worked and what didn't. And she did it all with love. Never once did I feel shamed or embarrassed or down. She had my back while she escorted me to my edge. Do not hesitate to enlist Kimberlee as an ally. She is a rare and gifted teacher. She will help you evolve your book, and in turn, you will evolve and learn about yourself--as a writer, as a human." - Molly May, traveler, teacher and author of Map of Enough.

"Kimberlee is a fantastic writing coach who is helping me shape the trajectory of my new novel.  As a writer and book editor (who has used many other editors), I’m thrilled with Kimberlee’s approach.  She has an uncanny ability to zero in on the strengths and flaws in my storyline and character development and to create dramatic tension where the narrative falls flat.  She has inspired me to look at my writing process in a new way, for which I am incredibly thankful.  I can’t recommend her highly enough." - Nicole Bokat, PhD, editor and author of novels Redeeming Eve and What Matters Most, and scholarly book, The Novels of Margaret Drabble: “this Freudian family nexus.”

"As a reader and teacher, Kimmi has the unique ability to be sharply critical and, at the same time, truly encouraging. She focuses on a writer's strengths as much as their foibles. She is insightful, rigorous and detail-oriented, and has a delicious sense of humor." - Judy Battalion, PhD, author of White Walls: A Memoir About Motherhood, Daughterhood And The Mess In Between.

"Kimberlee is an intuitive genius who will help you nail the comedy of your memoir without losing touch with the deeper meaning." -- Ami Angelowicz

"Kimmi is an amazing teacher -- maybe the best writing teacher I've ever had. She creates a safe space and cares more about the students than I've ever seen. I took two of her classes and since then I've completed a new manuscript. She is truly brilliant and inspirational!" -- Kate Lutzner

"Kimmi is a charismatic and articulate teacher with an infectious zeal for first-person writing. Her feedback is incisive, compassionate, and constructive." -- Magdalena Alagna

"Kimberlee has a real talent for breaking down text and diagnosing exactly what's working, what isn't, and what can be done to improve it. She possesses the intelligence and knowledge necessary to rescue a stuck writer and a heart and spirit generous enough to encourage a tentative one." -- Eileen Kelly

"Kimberlee made me think and feel like a writer. Her comments and exercises helped me discover the essence of the story I am telling. I can see the book taking shape now, and feel I will be ready to propose soon." -- Heather Waghelstein

"Kimberlee brings life into what is often times the most difficult subject matters to write about. She is encouraging and positive, offering constructive criticism in such a way that it doesn't seem a bit like criticism!" -- Diane Singer

"I found Kimberlee to be incredibly insightful and helpful. She knew exactly what each of us needed to do in order to get our pieces to the next level, and she provided a great balance of praise and constructive criticism. -- Megan Auster-Rosen

"Kimberlee encouraged us to become much better writers. I looked forward to class every week. She embodies the insight, focus and humor of a rare breed -- the excellent, unforgettable teacher." -- Elaine Perlman

"Kimmi is a nurturing, giving teacher who provided us with a safe, secure environment to share our writing. I walked into her class ready to give up on my project, and I left with a renewed vision and plan." --Jessica Eule

"Kimberlee is a wonderful teacher - she knows how to engage the class and create a safe learning environment. She's also very knowledgeable. Her particular talent is in how she listens to the work. Her comments are always insightful and detailed, balancing out the positive feedback with specific suggestions for improvement. Most of all, Kimmi is a great coach. I loved working with her!" -- Jean Brown

"Kimmi is undoubtedly the best writing teacher I've ever had -- not to mention insightful, professional, generous, and funny." -- Margie Goldsmith

"Kimberlee is an excellent instructor. She has the ability to really hear what the writers in her class are trying to say, and a knack for helping us get to the heart of what we really want to write about. Brava, Kimmi!" -- Leslie Hunter-Gadsden

"Kimberlee is a sparkling gem of a teacher, whose abilities are both precious and rare." -- George Morin

"Kimmi provided a very safe and encouraging atmosphere. Her feedback was so constructive that, even if I knew that I bombed an assignment, I left each lesson with practical tips to work on and the confidence that I could do it." -- Sara Jarrett

"Kimmi's humor and candor make for a refreshing take on what taking a writing class truly means. I'm fortunate to have been her student." --Shermaine Barlaan

"Kimmi is an extraordinary teacher! She is incredibly insightful and supportive and provided spot-on feedback that inspired me to take my writing to another level!" -- Jennifer Garam

"Kimmi is a teacher I really respect. She gives directive lecture points and feedback geared toward bringing meaning and universality to your memoir. She fostered a great writing community." -- Rina Deshpande

"This was an exhilarating class conducted by a gifted instructor who was able to get total class involvement." -- Bernard Gavzer

“I’ve had a story bottled up inside of me for 20 years that I believed would never come out. I dreamed of writing my story since I was fifteen years old, but I thought a black gay boy couldn't tell it. Kimmi has supported me to remember that I have an important story to share, and that only I can write it. Through innovative writing exercises, humor, and a irresistible love for writing Kimmi has helped me get in touch with the writer that I always believed I could be!” -- Rodney McKenzie

"Kimberlee unlocked a whole universe for me. When I told her I wanted to write a memoir about about my developmentally challenged sister. She answered, "If it's a memoir, it will be your story, not hers." Since then, she has continued to help me unfold my story, and find my voice. I never believed I could write a whole manuscript! My previous writing experience had been as a haiku poet, 17 syllable poems!!" -- Susan Rudnick

"I feel so fortunate to have found Kimberlee. I had been working on a play off and on for quite a few years, but couldn't figure out how to fix it. Having come from a theatre background as a performer, writing was not my forte. Randomly, I decided to take a Gotham writing class and Kimberlee was my teacher. From the first class, I could see what a gifted woman was leading the class. Her unbelievably understanding and gentle and presence immediately put each student at ease, knowing that they could open up and be seen and heard because it was such a safe environment. Soon it became clear to me that she would have the exact capacity and understanding to help me develop my play into something that worked. You can only imagine my excitement when I found out that she works with students one on one! In privately working with her, my mind was continuously blown at her compassion and gentle manner. She made me feel safe to make mistakes, and was consistently supportive of each new writing I brought to the sessions. Her guidance helped me to write a piece that went far beyond what I had originally envisioned. Her supportive presence helped me to dig deeper and connect with my story, making the heart of the piece the central thread in a way that I didn't think I was capable of. I could not recommend Kimberlee more. If you are lucky enough to find time with her, you will be blessed by her gift of guidance and presence. I am extraordinarily grateful to know her." - Terri Girvin

"Kimberlee pushed me to go deep into my stories and really think thoughtfully about my experiences in order to allow readers to relate to memoir. Kimberlee was born to be an instructor, facilitation comes naturally to her, and she is second to none!"

"Kimmi is an amazing teacher! She created an incredibly warm and supportive environment and always offered constructive, insightful feedback."

"Kimmi is in the right profession. She is a smart, inspiring teacher, and she knows how to motivate her students. She's approachable with a great eye for what works and what doesn't work with memoirs. I loved that she always took the time to help her students get to the heart of their stories and go deeper with the meaning. I loved coming to her class and her upbeat attitude and keen eye for details inspired me to work harder and try to improve. If you're interested in memoir writing, you don't want to miss her class!"

"Kimberlee is an excellent instructor. She's quite experienced at teaching the difference between showing and telling, at getting at the emotional heart of a scene and writing from that."

"Kimmi is an amazing teacher! She created an incredibly warm and supportive environment and always offered constructive, insightful feedback."

"Kimmi is an overall an amazing instructor. She is knowledgeable, gifted, passionate, and, most importantly, honest. She truly pushed us to produce our best writing. I'm already considering taking another class with her!"

"Kimmi was great. She was inspiring and extremely thoughtful and practical in her comments. I looked forward to going to class more and more throughout the course. My only complaint is that it ended too soon!"

"Kimmi did an excellent job of creating a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable sharing and trying out new ideas. She is very insightful and was able to provide constructive suggestions to consistently improve our writing."'

“Kimmi's an excellent writing instructor! She has incredible knowledge about writing and conveys it well to the students. Always positive and upbeat, she makes the class a lot of fun! Every lecture is extremely well-planned out, and the material was challenging but in perfect balance in that it wasn't overwhelming.”

“Kimmi is absolutely terrific on all levels. She knows her subject inside and out! demonstrates it beautifully in her own writing, gives excellent and specific feedback in a way that motivates and encourages her students, exudes a sweet warmth that makes you feel like she is a friend, not just an instructor. I love her! I will miss her! But I hope to take a class from her again!”

“Kimmi's the BEST, and I'm just sorry that she doesn't teach a ton more writing classes. She was very involved and engaged with the class and students, constantly available for feedback, questions and phone conversations. She's an exceptional writing instructor. Her lectures covered every aspect necessary for all of us to come away with incredible writing skills. What can I say? The class was more than a wonderful experience! Thanks so much, Kimmi!”

“Kimmi gave excellent constructive criticism in a way that made us feel good about our writing and motivated us to take it to the next step.”

“Kimberlee is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional as an instructor. She brought these qualities together, along with her enthusiasm, positive feedback and desire to help every student succeed in their writings. She presented well-organized lectures every week, expounding on a new writing skill which incorporated the previous lectures and assignments. Her mastery in the art of writing is clearly above excellent. Her feedback allowed me to look at my work through her professional eye but was always given in a positive and encouraging manner. The participation in the class was wonderful due to the fact that Kimberlee was extremely involved in our experience at all times. Everybody was encouraged to read others' writings and give positive feedback. Kimberlee was always available, too, for our questions and supplying examples and suggestions through writing and phone calls. She obviously put a lot of work and consideration in planning the material that she presented. Everybody was enthusiastic about this class! If I could, I'd easily give Kimberlee a 15 instead of a 9! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kimmi as an instructor!”

“Kimmi provided more useful feedback than I have received from any other instructor in the program and all of those instructors were helpful. She cites relevant authors, provides meaningful overviews, effectively points out how to heighten the humor level and when not to step on one's own humor. She offered some amazing basics to writing and yet edited our work on a higher lever. Although her critiques were fastidious, she was encouraging. Her passion for writing and dedication to our education seem to motivate her feedback. I feel I made leaps, by way of necessary setbacks, this semester. Kimmi gave me the most worthwhile experience and the best value for my education dollar.”

“EXCELLENT! Teacher was thoroughly knowledgable and was extremely inspiring, motivational and insightful with excellent notes and comments that really elevated my work 110%. I really admire this instructor on so many levels. She is outstanding x 100. Even more so than my current supervisor at work and I got more out of this class than the last 10 years at my job. Everything was organized properly and extremely exciting on every level!!!!”

“I have been taking Extension writing classes for about five years, and most of them have been excellent, but this one far and away exceeded my expectations and was the very best class I've had at UCLA. It was also extremely challenging and requires a large time commitment, but it worth it. Also, so many writing skills are covered besides humor - the class has improved my writing in every way, not just with humor.”

“Extremely satisfied, mainly because of the detailed notes the instructor gave us on our writing. She provided a broad overview of some major elements of writing with exercises, but the experience was mainly a personal one which was amazing considering it is online. I think it is probably an extremely difficult task to teach so many students of all different writing levels how to write a memoir. I did feel challenged, and will continue to feel challenged since it is not like you can take a class for 10 weeks and walk out with a book. I do have all the notes from the teacher that I can look back on as well and that is great, because sometimes I don't really absorb the info the first time around. I like how the class was setup with different writing assignments sprinkled through the week. It kept you busy.”

“AMAZING -- one of the best instructors I have ever had -- extremely motivating and inspiring! What a joy! I would follow this woman anywhere! I so much appreciate her insightful notes, comments, and feedback. She truly is an amazing soul and really gave me the tools to start a new career path. I just can't say enough good things about her!”

“Kimmi gives the most thorough notes I've ever seen in a class. She also spends a lot of time making sure she knows each student's capacity to accept criticism and nutures while she teaches. The time she spends is astounding.”

“Of all he UCLAX classes I have taken, this instructor provided the most useful, insightful and thorough class notes. Very satisfied.”

“This is my third extension class and all the instructors have been great, but Kimmberlee is not only a great teacher, but she has that caring and nurturing factor that really makes you feel special as a student. You know this is not just a job for her, it is a passion and it comes through in different ways every week. I can't believe how much work it must be to give such detailed notes to everyone, and she pulls it off with flying colors. Okay, she had written lectures accompanied with a video lecture where she would read passages to us. How great is that? So, I guess I am saying her communication skills were not a 9 but a 10. The class participation was great. I think we have some older ladies in the class that read absolutely everything and give notes on it. They are the best! Plus there were young ones to, and I feel I made some connections with a few of them and we will possibly stay in contact.”

“She was fantastic. She really took the time to address each student individually and to gage each student's needs. She also provided extensive notes on my work which really helped me to learn and improve my writing. She seemed extremely competent in her knowledge of memoir writing.”

"Kimberlee's energy and enthusiasm was a beacon. I enrolled in the creative writing 101 class to \"explore\" my interest in writing. I was reluctant to share my novice writings in class, but Kimberlee always found a way to frame her comments with encouragement and enlightenment. Her personal anecdotes provided both hilarity and relevant segway into the particular lesson of the day. I am inspired to continue with more classes at Gotham."

"Kimmi is an incredible teacher! She's extremely positive and full of energy. Her lectures were engaging, inspiring and informative. Her feedback was spot-on."

"Kimberlee's generosity as a teacher and her own sense of humor helped people address key problems all writers face. She handled difficult situations very effectively, has a very good sense of herself and the delicate self-esteem of writers in general."

"Kimmi is a wonderful teacher. Incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and supportive. I learned so much from her and would love to take classes with her again."

"Kimmi is crystal, crystal clear and supportive."

"Kimberlee was a very good teacher--lively, knowledgeable and enthusiastic."

"Kimberlee is very approachable and very funny. In other hands, the course lectures especially might have seemed kind of rote and by-the-numbers. Her personal touch, and particularly the fact that she really seems to care about the students and their work, helped to go beyond that."

"Kimmi was wonderful. She was able to not only command the room and center everyone, but was able to let each person grow and shine in their own ways without making anyone feel awkward or embarrassed. She made an incredible impact and inspired change in all participants."

"Kim was a fantastic instructor. Long, night classes tend to drone on that last 30 minutes to an hour but I always found myself surprised when we were out of time. She doesn't lecture as much as share her experience and wisdom and teaching is definitely something that comes naturally to her."

"I think she is one of the best writing instructors I have ever had, and I have had some of the best writing instructors who ever lived. I mean, I have been lucky. But Ms. Kimberlee Auerbach brings some very special talents to the table. She gives fantastic lectures, tackling tough writing issues in a simple-to-digest method. She is smart, gives examples that make sense from her own writing life, has a tremendous sense of both humor and perspective and knows how to manage a classroom fairly and effectively. She is also good at keeping track of time and what realistically can be done during the class."